Photos from the 13th General Meeting of The IUVSTA
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New IUVSTA Officers for the 1998-2001 Triennium. From left: M Sancrotti (scientific Secretary), U Valbusa (Scientific Director),
D P Woodruff (President), J L Robins (Past President), W D Westwood (Secretary General), R J Reid (Recording Secretary),
M_G Bartes-Labrousse (President-Elect) and H Wahl (Treasurer).

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IUVSTA Officers for the 1995-1998 Triennium. From left: R Dobrozemsky (Treasurer), J S Colligon (Secretary General),
D P Woodruff (President-Elect), U Valbusa (Scientific Director), J L Robins (President), J H Leck (Recording Secretary),
T D Madey (Past President) and M_G Bartes-Labrousse (Scientific Secretary)

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Passing of the IUVSTA Presidency
, J L Robins to D P Woodruff