Report on the activities of the Thin Film Division during the 1998-2001 triennium.


Communication with the counsellors mainly took place by e-mail. Response was in general quite low. It is also not clear if the counsellors themselves communicate the information from IUVSTA to their own national organisations. The national organisations should in principle apply for sponsorship of a workshop and make nominations for a IUVSTA prize.  Nevertheless several activities can be mentioned.


1)      ICTF

An important task of the division is the choice of the location of the International Conference on Thin Films. To our surprise we received a bid from the Swedish society as well as from the Slovakian society. We decided to accept both proposals and to choose the Slovakian society for the organisation of ICTF 12, 15 – 20 September 2002 in Bratislava.  Extended information is available on: ICTF-13 will be held in 2005 and will be hosted by the Swedish Vacuum Society at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm


2)      Website

Our secretary (Herwig Bangert) was especially involved in the updating of the TFD part of the IUVSTA web site.


3)       Highlights in Thin Film Deposition.

At the EC meeting 85 in Namur the chairman of the division (Jan Verhoeven) gave a contribution about highlights in thin film deposition. “Layer Growth at Nano-scale” was chosen as an example. The talk concerned fundamental as well as applied developments and will appear as an article in “Vacuum”.


4)      Workshops

The “Thin Film Division” sponsored a workshop on nanostructures in Cancun, Mexico

The division cosponsored a “Workshop on selective and functional film deposition

Technologies as applied to ULSI”, organised in NAGOYA, JAPAN November 20-21, 2000.

It seems that either most national organisations do not receive the message that money is available for the organisation of workshops or the regulations are not well understood.


5)      IVC

The vice chairman of the Thin Film Division (Bill Rogers) chairs IVC 15. Eva Majkova (member of the Thin Film Division Committee) and Jan Verhoeven joined the program committee. Quite some input was received from some counsellors.


6)      IUVSTA prize

Jan Verhoeven took part in a small committee for the nomination of the IUVSTA prize concerning developments in thin film deposition.


7)      Statutes

The secretary (Herwig Bangert) put effort in modification of the statutes.