Report on the activities of the Thin Film Division of IUVSTA from September 1998 to January 1999

presented by Jan Verhoeven at the ECM 83 in Saillon

The division communicates by fax and e-mail. It is very important to involve all councilors in the IUVSTA activities and these methods of communication have appeared to be very appropriate.

The first mailing concerned 3 subjects:

 1) Advise about the nomination of members for the program committee for IVC 15. This resulted in an extended response from 12 councilors. Their advise not only concerned names of people but also their activities and interests in the field of thin films. The committee has been asked for comments on this information and the final proposal for program committee members is forwarded to Bill Rogers.

2) Proposals for workshops to be subsidized by IUVSTA. A proposal was received from Prof. Yukio Yasuda, Chair of Electronic Materials and Processing Division to cosponsor a request of sponsorship for a two-day workshop on: SELECTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL FILM DEPOSITION TECHNOLOGIES AS APPLIED TO ULSI. At the very last moment a proposal was received from Prof. Ciro Falcony to organize a workshop preceding ICTF 11 in Cancun.

3) Bids for the organization of ICTF 12 We received a letter of intent from the Slovakian Vacuum Society as well as from the Swedish Vacuum Society that they are willing to organize ICTF 12 in 2002. First impression is that both societies have experience with organizing conferences and are as such serious competitors. This puts us in the comfortable position that we can make a choice.

Future activities

1) Extended information from the Slovakian Vacuum Society as well as from the Swedish Vacuum Society will be asked about exact location, fee, housing, travelling facilities etc. This information will be sent to all TFD committee members. The proposal will be to accept in principle both bids and to decide which society is going to organize ICTF 12 and which ICTF 13.

2) The information of the IUVSTA web site concerning the TFD has to be updated.

3) Councilors will be mailed about the results of our earlier request for information and will be informed that money is still available for organizing workshops

i) Send the report of your scientific Division after the last STD-83 (Saillon, Switzerland)

 ii) Send the proposals for workshops before the next STD-84 (Cancun, Mexico)

iii) Disseminate the Divisional info to all members of the Electoral College iv) Nominate one person in charge for the official Divisional IUVSTA WEB page. This person will receive the template from Lars Westerberg

v) Report to the Electoral College about the IUVSTA prize vi) Approve the Division Statute vii) Inform the Scientific Secretary about Workshops viii) Inform the Electoral College about the Highlight Seminars of the STD.