Meeting Thin Film Division 28-10-2001 San Francisco


Present: Jan Verhoeven (Acting chairman, the Netherlands), Eva Majkova (organiser ICTF, Slovakia), Bill Rogers (committee member TFD, USA), Dermot. Monaghan (counsellor, UK), Kenjiro Oura, (committee member, Japan), Miguel Melendez-Lira (committee member TFD, Mexico), M.G. Barthes (President IUVSTA, France), Roger de Gryse (counsellor, Belgium) and John Colligon (observer, UK).


1)      Committee

Due to his function as technical secretary of IUVSTA Bill Rogers is not allowed also to be chairman of the Thin Film division. As next in line Verhoeven will be chairman and R. Wappling (committee member, Sweden) will be vice chairman. The former secretary Herwig Bangert will be asked to inform who is next in line to be secretary.


2)      Communications

E-mail will be used to communicate all information from the TFD committee to the national counsellors. The counsellors are expected to communicate with the national committee and most important is that the committee inform the members of the national vacuum organisation.


3)      What to communicate

a)      Work shops

It is important that the national organisations are aware that workshops can be sponsored by IUVSTA for 10000 ChF. Sponsorship can be applied for by sending a proposal to the secretary of one or more divisions involved. The proposal will be discussed during a division meeting or by e-mail within the division committee. The requirements for sponsoring a workshop can be down loaded from the IUVSTA web site.

b)     ICTF (International Conference on Thin Films)

This conference is organised with a periodicity of 3 years, one year following IVC. Bids to organise ICTF are sent to the secretary of the division committee. In the past enthusiasm for organising this conference was not too high. It was surprising that we received two bids in the past triennium. It was therefore decided to accept both bids for the organisation of ICTF 12 and 13. ICTF 12 will be held in Bratislava in 2002and ICTF 13 will be held in Stockholm in 2005. The Thin Film division Committee for the next triennium will decide upon the organisation of ICTF 14.


4)      ICTF 12

Eva Majkova presented the newest information about ICTF 12 to be held in Bratislava from September 15 20 2002.

All information is available at site:

A program committee was formed to be chaired by J. Verhoeven. Before the end of 2001 I preliminary list of invited speakers will be presented.


5)      Workshops

John Colligon applied sponsorship for a workshop titled: Mechanisms of formation and applications of plasma deposited hard nanocomposite coatings. During the division meeting the application was supported. Extended information about this workshop is given here after and forms a good example for how to apply for sponsorship.


6) It was suggested to have photographs of all counsellors at the IUVSTA internet site. The practical execution will be considered.



J. Verhoeven, Amsterdam, 12-11-2001