Thin Film Division

2002 Survey of relevant databases

Data sheet created by: F. Richter, f.richter@physik.tu-chemnitz.de

Date: 24.3.2002


Name and web address of the database:

Database of Surface, Plasma and Vacuum Technology



Institution which is maintaining the database; contact address:

VDI Technologiezentrum Physikalische Technologien

P.O.Box 10 11 39

D-40002 Duesseldorf

contact: Dr. Ralf Fellenberg, fellenberg@vdi.de, Tel.: +49 211 6214 559

Purpose and/or field of interest of the database:

The field of interest is described by the name of the database. The purpose of the database is to support the international co-operation and to open new business relations and performance options for enterprises and institutions.


Kind and extent of data in each entry:

Each entry is based on an extensive questionnaire (about 20 pages) which describes the abilities, experiences and offers of the enterprise or institution in very detail. For the questionnaire see http://www.eurodatabase.org/index.php3.


Number of entries compiled so far:

By March 2002, 166 entries have been compiled.


Plans for the further development of the database:

It is planed to extent the database more and more into an international one. Among the 166 entries mentioned above, 131 are from Germany, 15 from Switzerland and 20 from 12 other countries. These countries are mostly from Europe, however, there are the first two entries from India.

About 100 more entries from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet countries have already been established and will be available online within few weeks. This will raise the total number of entries to more than 250.


Conditions of use:

There is a guest login which allows one to familiarise with the database. Full access is possible on the basis of transaction numbers (TAN) which are available for 10 each. With the guest login you can find out for free, how many entries meet your query. In this manner you know in advance whether it is worth to purchase a TAN or not.



The VDI has opened the website http://www.euro-surface.org which is a major part of the efforts of this organisation on an international level. Starting from this website, you can find databases like that mentioned above, but also links to relevant organisations as well as a good list of relevant conferences.