A Report on the 81st & 82nd Executive Council Meeting of IUVSTA

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ECM-81 Officers

The 81st Executive Council Meeting (ECM-81) of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) was held in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, on 30 August 1998, and the 82nd Executive Council Meeting (ECM-82) was held in Birmingham, UK, on 4 September 1998. This a brief summary of the many issues discussed at those meetings and at the associated Committee and Divisional meetings.

All those who are interested in the activities of our Union are encouraged to view the details on our Web site, the address of which is:


IUVSTA Scientific Workshops:

No new proposals for Scientific Workshops were presented at ECM-81 or ECM-82. However there was discussion of the possibility of changing the format of Workshop No. 24 (Quantum Structures and Devices) into a School. If this is successful, it could become the forerunner of a new program of educational activities for our Union. Such Schools would be designed to give high level scientific knowledge to advanced students and would normally be of three, four or five days duration. The IUVSTA/ICTP Educational Workshops (see below) would also be recognised as part of this new program of Schools.


The 1998 Congress in Birmingham (IVC-14/ICSS-10/NANO-5/QSA-10) was extremely successful. A brief report was given by the Congress Chairman, and new IUVSTA President, Professor Phil Woodruff at ECM-82 but further details will be presented at ECM-83.

Planning for IVC-14/ICSS-11 in San Francisco (2001) is progressing well and the International Program Committees will be finalised soon after the new Divisional Committees meet.

In a ballot taken during ECM-81, the Italian Vacuum Society was chosen to be the host of the 2004 Congress (IVC-15/ICSS-12) which will be held in Venice, Italy.


The 11th International Conference on Thin Films is being organised by the Mexican Vacuum Society on behalf of the Thin Film Division of IUVSTA. It will be held at Cancun in Mexico on 30 August to 3 September 1999. Further information is available through our Web site.

IUVSTA Sponsorship:

IUVSTA Sponsorship was confirmed/granted for the following two conferences.

  • "1st Vacuum and Surface Science Conference of Asia and Australia" (VASSCAA-1) Tokyo, Japan, 8-10 September 1999.
  • "8th Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Austrian Joint Vacuum Conference" (JVC-8) to be held in Croatia in June 2000.

Short Courses:

A range of Short Courses was presented at the Congress in Birmingham and discussions are in progress with the Mexican Vacuum Society to offer a program of Short Courses in conjunction with the International Conference of Thin Films (ICTF) in Mexico in September 1999.

IUVSTA/ICTP Educational Workshops:

Plans for the next IUVSTA/ICTF collaborative Teaching Workshop, to be held in Trieste, are being developed. The title will be "Thin Films, Physics and Technology" and it is scheduled to be held on the 8 to 26 March, 1999. The school will include approximately 60 hours of lectures, as well as laboratory work and sessions giving all students the opportunity to obtain "hands on" experience at local Italian Vacuum Companies.

Visual Aids Material:

The Editor-in-Chief reported that the revision of selected modules is progressing and two modules have been chosen for conversion to electronic format. The ultimate aim is to have all the units available for purchase through the IUVSTA web site.

Welch Scholarship:

The 1999 Welch Scholarship winner is She Guan Wang, who has completed a PhD in Israel but is originally from China. He will study "Investigation of fusion reactor first wall cathode spot fragments" at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the USA with Dr. Ian Brown.


The first award of the IUVSTA Prize was made to Professor Johannes Friso van der Veen of the University of Amsterdam for his pioneering investigations of surface and interface structure, disordering and melting through the development and application of Medium Energy Ion Scattering and Surface X-ray Diffraction. The presentation was made during the first session of the Congress in Birmingham.


The International Council of Scientific Unions has now changed its name to The International Council for Science" but it will keep the same acronym of ICSU.


In conjunction with UNESCO, ICSU will be organising an International Conference on "Science into the 21st Century" to be held in Budapest in June/July 1999. IUVSTA has been invited to participate.


Congratulations were offered to Dr Marie-Geneviève Barthés-Labrousse, of France, who was elected at the General Meeting in Birmingham as the new President-Elect for the 1998-2001 triennium. She will become the President of IUVSTA for the following triennium, 2001-2004.

IUVSTA Officers for 1998-2001:

  • President: Prof. Phil Woodruff (GB)
  • President-Elect: Dr. M-G Barthés-Labrousse (F)
  • Past-President: Prof. John Robins (AUS)
  • Secretary General: Dr. Bill Westwood ©
  • Treasurer: Mr. Hartmut Wahl (CH)
  • Scientific Director: Prof. Ugo Valbusa (I)
  • Scientific Secretary: Dr. Massimo Sancrotti (I)
  • Recording Secretary: Dr. Ron Reid (GB)

Reports on IUVSTA Activities during the Triennium:

The following reports were prepared for presentation at the General Meeting and written versions were distributed to each delegation. The reports of the retiring and incoming Presidents will be presented in a forthcoming IUVSTA News Bulletin and will also be posted on our Web site. The reports distributed were:

  • IUVSTA’s Administrative Structure
  • Secretary General’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • President’s and Committees’ Reports
  • STD’s and Divisions’ Reports
  • Retiring President’s Review
  • Incoming President’s Inaugural Statement.

IUVSTA's Home Page on the Web:

Our IUVSTA Web site (http://www.iuvsta.org) is now very comprehensive, comprising over 175 pages. However, it requires constant vigilance to keep the entries up-to-date. Each Division, Committee and National Vacuum Society is urged to nominate one person who will take responsibility for supplying up-dating material to the Web Editor, Prof. Lars Westerberg (westerberg@tsl.uu.se).


At ECM-81, a very sincere expression of appreciation was expressed to Mary Weaver who, as our inaugural Webmaster, has been responsible for developing our Web site into the attractive, informative and user-friendly facility that it now is. We also welcome Keith Mitchell who will be taking over these duties.

IUVSTA Publications:

The third electronic issue of our IUVSTA News Bulletin, No. 143, can now be accessed via our Web page. This present Report on Current Activities will appear as part of issue No. 144. The conversion of our Procedures Manual to electronic format should be complete by the time of ECM-83.

National Vacuum Societies:

It was reiterated at these ECMs that our Union is keen to offer more help, advice and cooperation to the National Vacuum Societies that are our members. We would be pleased to hear of possible activities through which we can achieve this.

Long Range Planning:

The Mission Statement and Divisional Structure remain two important topics under review by the Long Range Planning Committee.

DCC Data Base:

The number of entries on the Data Base is increasing. The purpose of, and procedures for participating in, this Data Base have described in the previous Report and on our Web site. All scientists are encouraged to register.

Welch Trustees:

The four Welch Scholarship Trustees are elected for four year terms with their appointments staggered at yearly intervals. Professor M Jenko was invited to serve as a new trustee, replacing Professor M Szymonski who retires in rotation.


The 13th General Meeting of IUVSTA was held at 1800 hrs on 2 September 1998 at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham, England, UK. All but 3 of the 30 National Vacuum Society members sent delegations of up to three persons to represent them at this meeting. The delegates elected the new Officers and ratified the national representatives (Councillors and Alternate Councillors) for the coming triennium. They also heard reports on the activities of the previous triennium, approved activities and a Budget for the coming triennium, and approved a revision of the share value (subscriptions) to be paid by the National Vacuum Societies.

The Executive Council:

Whilst welcoming the new Councillors to ECM-82, the President described the role of the Executive Council (EC). Its members are the elected Officers and the Councillors who have each been nominated by their National Vacuum Society. The EC meets twice per year at a venue to which it has been invited by one of the National Vacuum Societies. The EC is responsible for conducting the business of the Union, according to the program approved by the General Meeting. Much of the work is done through Committees. Whilst specific Officers and Councillors may elect to serve formally on these Committees, which meet during the two days preceding each ECM, all interested people are generally welcome to attend and participate as observers. The scientific activities of the Union are conducted through the eight scientific Divisions acting under the direction and guidance of the Scientific and Technical Directorate. Further details of our administrative procedures are to be presented under the heading "Administrative Structure of IUVSTA" on our Web site.

IUVSTA Secretariat:

The address of the seat of the IUVSTA Secretariat for the 1998-2001 triennium will be: Dr. W.D. Westwood, Secretary General of IUVSTA, 7 Mohawk Crescent, Nepean, Ontario K2H 7G7 Canada. Tel: +1 613 829 5790.Fax: +1 613 829 3061. E-mail: westwood@istar.ca

Future ECMs:

ECM-83 will be held on 21 February 1999 at the Hotel des Baines de Saillon, in Saillon, Switzerland, with the associated Committee Meetings starting on Friday, 19 February. Details are available on our Web site.

ECM-84. Invitations by National Vacuum Societies willing to host this meeting in August/September 1999 are being sought. A decision will be made at ECM-83.

ECM-85 to 88. Advanced expressions of interest to host any of these meetings during the triennium will be welcomed.

In Memoriam:

Members of the Executive Council were shocked and sad to learn of the sudden death of one of their close friends and colleague, namely Vytas Grazhulis, who was the serving Councillor for the Russian Federation. Professor Grazhulis died on 27 May 1998, only a few weeks after actively participating in ECM-80 in Bratislava. An obituary has been prepared which acknowledges the considerable contribution that Professor Grazhulis made to the world of science. This can be viewed on our Web site. He will be remembered as a genuine friend, an accomplished scientist and an excellent ambassador for his country.

Closing Remarks and Appreciation:

Before adjourning ECM-81, Professor Robins expressed his thanks to all those who had contributed during the meetings at Stratford-upon-Avon and he also broadened his thanks to include all who had contributed in their various ways to the work of the Union throughout the triennium. He made special reference to the Officers who had given him such valuable support during his time as President. He then expressed appreciation to the British Vacuum Council and the Institute of Physics for acting as such efficient hosts to the meeting in Stratford and for organising the various IUVSTA-related meetings in Birmingham.

Report by John L. Robins.

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