Electronic Materials and Processing Division Reports

Report at the 86th Executive Council Meeting (ECM-86) of
the IUVSTA in Portoroz, Slovenia
on 9 Oct., 2000

(1) EMP Division meeting These have been 'virtual' using the internet.

(2) Division Statutes The revision of the Division Statutes has been approved by all the Electoral College Members of EMPD Division.

(3) 29th IUVSTA workshop The 29th IUVSTA Workshop on Selective and Functional Film Deposition Technologies as Applied to ULSI Technology has been organised. The Workshop will be held in Ise-Shima National Park near Nagoya, Japan from November 19 to 24, 2000. We have 8 invited speakers from the United States and Europe with 8 from Asia and Japan, in addition to 62 contributed papers. The workshop is being co-sponsored by a Japenese government project on the Development of Thin Films for Future ULSI and Nano-scale Process Integration. (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).

( Home page: http://alice.xtal.nagoya-u.ac.jp/iuv-workshop/)

(4) 33rd IUVSTA workshop The 33rd IUVSTA workshop will be entitled 'Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon: Science and Applications'. The organisation of this workshop, to be held in Aguas de Lindoia, San Paulo State, Brazil is underway. The date for the meeting, orginally scheduled for 5th August 2001, has had to be changed due to clash with the 'Applied Diamond Conference' in Alabama, USA which is at the same time. The meeting has therefore been re-scheduled for 12th-16th November 2001. A local organising committee, chaired by Prof. Cecilia Salvadori has been established, along with organising and programme committees, both chaired by Prof. Richard B Jackman. 10 invited speakers from around the world are anticipated, along with around 50 contributed papers.

Further information is being posted at http://www.ee.uc.ac.uk/deg