on the IUVSTA Workshop on

"Nanoscale Modification of Surface and Thin Films:
Physical and Chemical Aspects"

organized under the auspeces of IUVSTA Applied Surface Science and Thin Films Divisions on l6-19 September, 1996 Balatonfoldvar, Hungary

A workshop approved by the IUVSTA TS Division was organizedanized in Hungary at the Lake Balaton on 16-19 September,1996 on the topic related to the one of the most up to date problems in Applied Surface Science field.

There were about 60 participants on the meeting comprising 14 invited speakers and 15 postercontributions. After theIUVSTA Meeting it was jointly organized a Meeting on Nanotechnology involving 6 invited speakers. The full program ofthe Meeting as well as the short Abstracts of the contributions were printed given to the participants and areenclosed. No scientific results which merit the achievements of the Workshop is planned to publish in agreement withthe IUVSTA policy.

The Workshop was sponsored by IUVSTA (CHF 15000) and by the National Committee for Technical Development of Hungary(HUF 150000). The policy of everything "under-the-same-roof" was applied as the Meeting was organized in Hotel Jogarpossesing with all the necessary lecturing facilities, a hall for poster presentation adjacent to the cosy lobby,providing a pleasant environment also for informal discussions.

In Table 1 the sheet of balance on the use of the financial support provided by IUVSTA is presented. Invited speakerswere financed from the arrival in Hungary to their leave including some nights in Budapest and transportation. Asshown in the budget sheet we supported several young scientists to attend the Workshop. The total cost of the meetingwas 26139 DEM of which we used 17920 DEM (15000 CHF) as support from IUVSTA.

The meeting was successful and the invited lectures were thoroughly discussed throughout the whole meeting.

Budapest, February 20, 1997

L. Gutzi

Chairman of the Workshop