IUVSTA Highlights Seminars

Last updated 3 July 1997

The IUVSTA Highlights Seminars were held on Monday May 26, 1997 :

Applied Surface Science
David E. Sykes
"Recent Developments in Surface Chemical Analysis"
Electronic Materials and Processes
Gary E. McGuire
"Fabrication and Characterization Limits in Advanced CMOS Technology"
Nanometer Structures
James Murday
"NANO: Science Beginning to Emerge as Technology"
Plasma Science and Technology
Graeme G. Lister
"Opportunities and Advances in Plasma Science"
Surface Science
John H. Weaver
"STM Visualization of Semiconductor Etching"
Thin Films
R. Howson
"The use of plasmas in PVD processes"
Vacuum Metallurgy
Antti Korhonen
"Recent Advances in Plasma-Based Hard and Superhard Coatings"
Vacuum Science
Robert Childs
"Back to Basics for Solutions in Vacuum Science"
Closing Remarks