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Contact Name: Dr.D.R.Bongirwar, General Secretary IVS, Project Manager, Food Irradiator Project, Food Irradiation & Processing Lab., Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai - 400 085
Approximate number of members: 800

Short history of Society:

The Indian Vacuum Society was established in 1970 and has celebrated its Silver Jubilee last year. It has more than 650 individual life members and a number of sustaining members from the industry and R & D institutions spread over the country. The society has two zonal chapters one at Calcutta and other at Hyderabad which was opened during National Symposium of IVS held at NFC, Hyderabad in 1996. The society was formed with the main aim to promote, encourage and develop the growth of Vacuum Science, Techniques and Applications in the country.

In order to achieve this aim it has been conducting innumerable short term courses at graduate and technician's level on vacuum science and technology. So far it has conducted 32 short term courses at different parts of the country and imparted training to more than 1000 personnel in the field. It has also been regularly conducting National and International Symposia and Seminars on Vacuum Science and Technology and related topics. Besides a number of lectures and workshops on topical subjects are arranged routinely. The society helped in the UNESCQ sponsored post-graduate level courses in vacuum science, technology and aPPlications conducted by Bombay University in 1978 and 1979. The Society also arranges technical visits to different industries and research institutions for the benefit of its members.

An open house quiz contest on Vacuum for Jr.College students was organized at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai on 27th and 28th February 1996 by Indian Vacuum Society in collaboration with Nehru Science Centre on the National Science Day. A unique feature of the quiz was the fact that it was based on demonstrations of vacuum technology appilcations. Prized were sponsored by the Society for this event. A permanent exhibition on Indian Vacuum Society's role in promotion of vacuum science and technology in the country by means of panels write up, two active demonstration models and blown up cross sectional view of turbo-molecular pump has been set up at Nehru Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai-400 018. The exhibition will be expanded in future by collaboration with Indian Vacuum Industries.

Our society has membership in the executive council of International Union of Vacuum Science, Techniques and Applications (IUVSTA) and its various committees since 1970. In 1983 IVS conducted an International Symposium on Vacuum Technology and Nuclear Applications in BARC, Mumbai under the sponsorship of IUVSTA. In 1987, the Triennial International Conference on Thin Films was held at New Delhi, where more than 200 foreign delegates including two noble laureates participated. IVS also hosted the IUVSTA meeting held first time in the country, along with the conference. The Society organized yet another international Conference on Vacuum Science and Technology INCOVAST-95 at the centre for Advanced Technology, Indore. The theme of the conference was Use and Application of Ultrahigh Vacuum for Synchrotron Radiation Sources which was well timed to match the design and construction of 450 MeV Electron Storage Ring, the INDUS-1 followed by the 2 GEV, INDUS II at CAT.

IVS arranged regularly a prestigious Prof. Balakrtshnan Memorial Lecture in memory of the founder Vice President of the Society. Leading Scientists from India and abroad, in the field are invited to deliver the lecture. The XVII Balakrishnan Memorial Lecture this year will be delivered by Shri Anil Kakodkar, Director BARC and Member Atomic Energy Commission at Nehru Science Cent re, Mumbai on October 31, 1996. The topic of the talk will be "Some New Thrusts in Vacuum Technology and Allied Areas." To encourage the students at Post Graduate level in Physics, the Society has instituted the "IVSProf.D.Y.Phadke Memorial Prize" in the University of Mumbai in memory of our founder President Prof. D.Y.Phadke. IVS Calcutta Chapter has organized Dr. A.S.Divatia Memorial Lecture on 2nd May 1996 at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Auditorium, Salt Lake, Calcutta by Prof. K.L.Chopra, Director I.I.T. Kharagpur on "Low Pressure Plasma for Synthesis of Nano Materials". The IVS Calcutta Chapter has formed Dr.A.S.Divatia Memorial Trust comprising of senior Scientists and Technologists in the field of vacuum in particular and close associate of late Dr.A.S.Divatia. The main objectives of the trust are to organize Dr. A.S.Divatia Memorial Lecture and Seminar once in a year in and around Calcutta and to set up a Vacuum Testing and Calibration Laboratory. The Society has also instituted an award in memory of late Shri C.Ambasankaran, its past president and pioneer in vacuum technology, to be given to the best technical paper presented in the National Symposium conducted by IVS. This year IVS is initiating IVS-HHV award, courtesy HHV Bangalore. The award will be given to an eminent person working in the field of vacuum who has contributed immensely for the development of vacuum technology in India.

Indian Vacuum Society extended its support in standardizing many of the vacuum instruments and played a vital role in helping to set up a Regional Testing Centre in Mumbai along with BARC. As a part of development of vacuum education, the society arranges the participation of its expert members on the subject to deliver lectures and take part in devising course in the Universities. Any payment received by IVS from donors and well wishers is exempted for deduction of income tax under Income Tax Rules 80 G.

The Society publishes a quarterly called "Bulletin of Indian Vacuum Society" since its inception. The articles in the bulletin are internationally abstracted. It also publishes the Proceedings of the International and National Symposia and Seminars, Manuals, Lecture Notes etc. It has published a "Vacuum Directory" containing very useful information for vacuum technologists and others.

Summary of Recent Activity

  • A factory visit to M/s Vijay Pumps at Vapi(Gujarat) India for members of Society was arranged recently in the month of February, 1997.

  • An inhouse training programme for Staff of M/s BDELFT Co. Pune (Maharashtra) India has been arranged by IVS from 9 to 12th April,1997 at their works in Pune.

  • Indian Vacuum Society's Prof. Phadke Memorial Award will be given to 1st Class 1st student of M.Sc.(Physics) Exam.of Mumbai University in August '97

Meetings planned by the Society:

  • VACMET-97 A Seminar on applications of vacuum in Metallurgy jointly organized by Indian Vacuum Society and Indian Institute of Metals, Mumbai Chapter at Mumbai during September 1997 (Exact dates yet to be fixed). Contact - Convener : Shri P.B.Desai, Scientist Atomic Fuels Dn., BARC, Mumbai-400 085. Tel.No.5563060 Extn. 4870. Fax No. is same as given above.

  • IVSNS-97 Indian Vacuum Society's National Symposium on Vacuum Science Technology and Power Beams to be conducted at BARC, Mumbai during 19-21 November 1997. Contact - Convener : Dr.N.Venkataramani, Laser and Plasma Technology Dn., BARC, MUmbai-400 085. Tel.No.5513473, 5563060 Extn. 2926. Fax No. is same as given in Item 3.

  • Annual General Body Meeting of Indian Vacuum Society will be planned in June/July 1997 date yet to be fixed. Contact - Dr.D.R.Bongirwar, General Secretary, IVS.

  • Executive Committee Meetings of IVS are conducted every month on Second Friday. Contact - Dr. D.R.Bongirwar, General Secretary, IVS

Seminars & Symposia Organized by the Society :

1970 -- MUMBAI Seminar on Vacuum Pumps in Research & industry
1971 -- MUMBAI All India Symposium on Vacuum Science, Technique & Applications
1972 -- VARANASI Workshop on Field Emission & lon Microscopy
1973 -- MUMBAI Seminar on Interaction of Vacuum & Metallurgy
1973 -- DELHI Symposium on Vacuum Measurement & Leak Detection
1977 -- MUMBAI Seminar on Mechanical Vacuum Pumps
1979 -- DELHI National Symposium on Vacuum-Surface-Thin Films
1981 -- HYDERABAD National Symposium on Vacuum Technology &MetallurgicalApplicatiOns
1982 -- THRIVANATPURAM National Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Space Appllcations
1983 -- MUMBAI International Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Nuclear Applicaffons
1984 -- BANGALORE National Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Sealed-off Devices
1985 -- CALCULTTA National Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Applications to Chemical, Food, Drug & Pharmaceutical Industries
1987 -- CHANDIGARH National Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Analytical Instruments
1987 -- DELHI 7th International Conference on Thin Fllms
1988 -- MUMBAI National Symposium on Vacuum Technology & Applicaffons
1991 -- INDORE National Symposium on Vacuum Sclence & Technology
1992 -- MUMBAI Seminar on Vacuum Metallurgy
1993 -- DELHI National Symposium on Vacuum Science & Technology
1994 -- BARODA Seminar on Vacuum Metallurgy
1995 -- INDORE International Conference on Vacuum Science and Technology and SRS Vacuum Systems
1996 -- HYDERABAD National Symposium on Advances in Vacuum Metallurgy

Balakrishnan Memorial Lectures :

No. Year Speaker Topic
1 1972 Dr. P.A. Redhead
NRC, Canada
Education for Science & Technology
2 1973 Prof. R.F. Bunshah
Recent Developments in Vacuum Metallurgy
3 1974 Prof. D.Y. Phadke
TIFR, Mumbai
Energy Crisis
4 1975 Porf. K.L. Chopra
IIT, Delhi
Thin Film Surfaces and Vacuum
5 1978 Por. J.H. Leck
Liverpool Univ., UK
Vacuum Education
6 1979 Dr. A.R. Verma
NPL, Delhi
Pressure Measurements and its Units
7 1981 C. Hayashi
ULVAC, Japan
Recent Vacuum Systems for Metallurgical Applications
8 1982 P.R. Pisharody
PRL, Ahmedabad
Studies on Indian Rainfall
9 1984 Prof. C.N.R. Rao
IISc., Bangalore
Surface Characterisation
10 1985 Dr. R. Ramanna
DAE, Mumbai
Progress of Vacuum Science & Technology in India
11 1986 Shri. C. Ambasankaran
BARC, Mumbai
Studies on MHD Power Generation
12 1987 Prof. R.F. Bunsham
Overview of Coating Technology
13 1988 Porf. R.V.S. Sitaram
SAMEER, Mumbal
Very High RF Vacuum Tubes
14 1991 Dr. N. Kondal Rao
NFC, Hyderabad
Vacuum Metallurgy and its Applications
15 1994 Dr. R. Chidambaram
DAE, Mumbai
Accelerators: Achievements and Future Projections
16 1995 Dr. Ted Vanvorous
President Vacuum Inc., USA
Recent Developments in Unbalanced Magnetron Cathode
17 1996 Shori Amil Kakodkar
Director, BARC, Mumbai
New Thrusts in Vacuum Technology & Allied Areas


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