Educational Materials

The Education Committee provides access to Vapor Pressure Charts of elements, Sputter Yield Curves, and links to other useful sites.

During the 1989-1992 triennium, under the direction of the Education Committee Chairman, Konrad M. Eisele of Germany, this series of educational material was updated and expanded into eleven (11) parts and the format changed from 35 mm slides to more practical overhead transparencies. The Editor of the Series was Professor J.H. Leck, Department of Electrical Engineering, P.O. Box 147, Liverpool L69 3BX, UK.

The Editor of the Series is now Prof. John L. Robins, Univ. of Western Australia, Dept. of Physics, Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia.

The series is now undergoing extensive revision and will be available in electronic format. At present only part 5 is available.

Part 1 Fundamentals of Vacuum
Part 2 Vacuum Measurements & Gauges
Part 3 Gas Transfer Pumps
Part 4 Residual Gas Analyzers

Part 5
Thin Film Deposition
CD Rom (Adobe Acrobat Format ) 

(128 Slides)
$100 U.S. Dollars
80 Euros
Part 6 Leak Detection
Part 7 History of Vacuum Science
Part 8 Capture Pumps
Part 9 Vacuum Systems
Part 10 Vacuum Materials
Part 11 Electron Spectroscopies

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Orders for Europe and the Near East may be placed with:

Bernard Dallery
Société Francaise du Vide (SFV)
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Special prices are available in lesser developed countries. Contact the chairman of the Education Committee



"Photon and Electron Interaction Data" With databases: Photon Interaction Data; Atomic Relaxation Data; Electron Interaction
Data; Excitation Data; Photon Anomalous  Scattering Factors

"Vacuum challenges and solutions"  Special  supplement  on vacuum science  and technology  that was  published  with the
October 2005 issue of Physics World (10.5 MB pdf file):

"Fusion: the way ahead" The recent decision to build the world's largest fusion experiment - ITER - in France has focused the interest  to fusion research. The article describes the Joint European Torus in the UK and its  role in development of  a successfully operating ITER.

"The Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT) facility of NIST". Introduction and applications for research.