Slovak Vacuum Society
Dr. Stefan Bederka, President
Microelectronics Department
Slovak University of Technology,
Ilkovicova 3
812 19 Bratislava

Tel: +4217 791366
Fax: +4217 723480
WWW: none

Contact name: Dr. Stefan Bederka (same address)
Approximate number of members: 50

Short history of Society:

The splitting of former Czecho-Slovakia on January 1, 1993 brought about a termination of the activities of the Czecho-Slovak Vacuum Committee, member of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications, IUVSTA. In the separate Czech and Slovak Republics, two successive organizations were created. The Slovak Vacuum Society (SVS) was established by its 1St Plenary Meeting in April 1993. In 1995, at the 13th International Vacuum Congress in Yokohama, Japan, the Slovak Vacuum Society was admitted among the members of IUVSTA.

SVS, according to its Code of Rules, is an association of citizens and juridical persons whose aspiration is to improve and deepen specialized knowledge in vacuum physics and technology, to develop vacuum technologies, and to raise the professional level of this important branch of science in Slovakia.

Summary of recent activity:

Since its establishment, the Slovak Vacuum Society (SVS) has yearly held seminars oriented particularly on vacuum technologies that were of interest for several companies and research institutions in Slovakia which employ vacuum technologies in their production or research. Last year (1996) we organized
  • the workshop "Thin Films: Their Preparation and Technical Applications"
  • the seminar "The Third Bratislava Days on Molecular Beam Epitaxy", organized in co-operation with the Department of Microelectronics of the Slovak University of Technology. and of the Slovak Centre of IKE,
  • the course "Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology".
On 29th April 1997, a special seminar was held, as a tribute to Phillip Lenard (18621947), great German physicist, Nobel Prize winner (1905), who contributed in a decisive manner to the discovery of the electron and to other discoveries from the turn of the 20th century. Phillip Lenard was born in Bratislava and here he started his scientific career.

Diary of Meetings:

  • "The Summer School of Vacuum Technology" will be held in Modra-Harmonia on 16-20 June 1997. Organized in co-operation with the Czech Vacuum Society.
  • The seminar "Surface Diagnostics" is planned for the end of 1997 to be held in Bratislava.