Birmingham, United Kingdom

Report the Meeting of the

IUVSTA-Surface Science Divisional Committee

on  Tuesday 2 September 1998

at the Birmingham Conference Centre


Aart Kleyn, Akio Yoshimori, John Weaver, Vladimir Matolin, Jean Jupille, John O’Connor, Marek Szymonski, Massimo Sancrotti, Augusto Manuel Celorico Moultinho, Jiwha Lee, Bill Westwood, J. Niemantsverdiet, Per-Olof Nilsson, Peter Varga, Klaus Wandelt, Klaus Heinz, John Colligon, Mike Chesters.

1) Agenda:

The agenda provided by the chairman was agreed to with no changes.

2) Business arising from the previous meeting in Bratislava:

It has been clarified that German students gain no benefit from the designation that a conference is IUVSTA supported.

A letter has been sent to Prof P.J. Moeller in relation to the ICSFS conference.

3) Report on the status of ICSS-10 Conference It is too early to have any statistical information on the progress of this conference in terms of papers in the surface science division, participants, etc. From observations it is evident that the scientific content is fine however the number of "no-shows" is disturbing. There are a number of cancellations in the poster and oral sessions. It was suggested that one way around this is to request a "deposit" when an abstract is submitted to ensure that once the paper is accepted there is a financial incentive to attend. The deposit would be taken off the registration fee once the participant registered.

There has been a serious breakdown associated with the inappropriate use of a small room for one stream of talks. Room 11b was too small to handle the demand placed on it for invited talks and many participants have been turned away. Furthermore there were some difficulties with the audiovisual facilities which delayed the commencement of Tuesday’s session by 10 minutes causing considerable disruptions to the program.

4) Report on the past triennium.

Report attached. The chairman encouraged greater use of email in place of meetings in future.

5) Elections:

The Surface Science Divisions executive has been determined and it comprises:

Australia John O’Connor
Austria Peter Varga
Germany Jurgen Kirschner
Italy Massimo Sancrotti
Japan Akio Yoshimori
Poland Marek Szymonski
USA John Weaver


6) Coopted Members:

The committee then identified potential coopted members. From a list of 8 candidates, Jiwha Lee, Jean Jupille and Anton Naumovets were elected. As Anton Naumovets was not present he will be contacted to see if he is willing to serve. A reserve nominee is J. Niemansverdriet.

7) Election of Office Bearers:

The election of office bearers was performed by email ballot prior to the conference. Akio Yoshimori and John Weaver were confirmed joint co-chair and John O’Connor was confirmed the Secretary. Aart Klein then relinquished the chair to the new chairmen.

8) IUVSTA Workshops:

A call was then made for possible workshops in the next triennium. The possible workshops that were proposed were:

  • Dynamical Phenomena Related with Electrons at Surfces organized by Y. Murata (approved by the SSDC in the previous triennium)
  • Joint workshop with Applied Surface Science Division on the Application of Medium Energy Ion Scattering to Surface


  • Proposal by Klaus Heinz and David Tong on Electron


  • Proposal by Prof. A. Rebrov and Prof. M. Ivanov (represented by Aart Kleyn) on Gas-surface interactions in CVD and other fluid mechanics applications

Akio Yoshimori drew attention to the new Asian and Australian Vacuum and Surface Science Conference which will commence next year. Although it is intended to reflect similar goals to that of ECOSS and EVC, the structure of the scientific community in Asia is very different to that of Europe. In its formative stage it will comprise Asian and Australian representatives of the Surface Science Division and as it develops the issue of other representation will be addressed. At present it spans too many IUVSTA divisions to allow contemplation of inclusion of all IUVSTA division representatives as it would make the organising committee unwieldy.

9) The organisation for the next IVC will soon commence.

The timeline includes the following:

  • May 1 2000 Determine Invited Speakers
  • Jan/Feb 2001 Call for Papers
  • May 15 2001 Abstract deadline
  • 22-24 June 2001 Program Meeting

It was decided to nominate all members of the Surface Science Division Executive as members of the International Surface Science Program Committee.

10) The time and location of future SSD executive meetings is yet to be determined.

It may be in conjunction with AVS or ECOSS meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.