Bratislava, Slovakia

Report the Meeting of the

IUVSTA-Surface Science Divisional Committee

on Sunday 22 March 1998 at 08:30-09:30

at Hotel Tatra

1) IUVSTA Workshops: The 18th IUVSTA workshop on "Diffusion and growth in ultra thin surface films" was held in Australia, November 1997. It was reported to have been very successful. A written report follows.

The 19th IUVSTA workshop on "Surface chemistry on the nanoscopic scale", The Netherlands, September, 1997 was reported to have been very successful. A written report follows.

A proposal to have a workshop on "Gettering Materials:Principles and Uses" was received with great interest. Organisers are M. Sancrotti and L.Westerberg. Supporting divisions will be Surface Science, Vacuum Metallurgy, and Vacuum Science. The Surface Science endorses this workshop provided the Surface Science part of the workshop is discussed in more detail and expanded. The workshop on "Dynamical phenomena related to electrons at surfaces", to be held in 2000 in Japan in the next triennium was again endorsed. Further reports on some of these workshops can be found at the IUVSTA-WWW site.

2) IUVSTA Sponsorship was granted the "Vibrations at Surfaces" using the new procedure. It was again pointed out that SSDC members should actively try to interest more meetings in IUVSTA sponsorship. The chairman will write to the organiser of the ICSFS-9 to ask if better coordination of that meeting with the IUVSTA supported meetings can be achieved. IUVSTA sponsorship was encouraged for the First Vacuum and Surface Science Conference of Asia and Australia (VASSCAA-1). It was noted that the proposed date does not clash with ECOSS-18 in Vienna, Austria on September 21-24, 1999. The SSDC supports it that this meeting will be taken up as a general IUVSTA meeting.

3) A final report by Prof. Poelsema on ECOSS17 was summarised. The final report follows this report.

The status of the ICSS-10 at Birmingham was found to be excellent. Abstracts for 544 contributed papers have been received for the SS programme. This means that the Surface Science programme is considerably bigger than at ECOSS-17 (460) and ICSS-9 and ICSS-8. The programme will be built next week, and can be found at the site: The proposal for the Proceedings of IVC15 as provided by the AVS was endorsed. It was recommended to give space for a one page extended abstract (not refereed) in the virtual proceedings, maintaining the proposed links.

4) The statutes for the SSD as circulated recently were endorsed.

5) Concerning the next SSDC the chairman noted that he will write to the members of the new electoral college, that he strongly recommends them to vote for the current vice-chair, Prof. Weaver, as chair to ensure continuity. The vote for the new vice-chair should result in the chair for the triennium starting in 2001.

6) The next SSDC meeting will be held at IVC-14/ICSS-10, preferably not during a Surface Science session.

7) The chairman asked if the electronic communication was an efficient way of distributing information in the Committee. It was concluded that this was the case. No information is sent to members of the electoral college, because no requests for information have been received at the beginning of this triennium.

Aart W. Kleyn,chair SSDC 21 March/11 August 1998