Surface Science Division Report for ECM-82

We have established the Surface Science Division Committee in the SSD meeting held on September 1, Tuesday, 1998 for the 1998-2001 triennium:

Australia Prof. John O’Connor (Secretary)
Austria Prof. Dr. Peter Varga
France Dr. Jacque Jupille*
Germany Prof. Dr. Jurgen Kirschner
Italy   Dr. Massimo Sancrotti
Japan Prof. Akio Yoshimori (Cochair)
Korea Prof. Jiwha Lee*
Poland Prof. Marek Szymonski
USA   Prof. John Weaver (Cochair)
Ukraine Dr. Anton Naumovets*

*co-opted member

In the meeting, we reviewed the activities of the division and identified new challenges. Although this is not discussed explicitly in the meeting, we feel strongly that surface science is facing a kind of turning point. This is indicated by the fact that the invited talk, "biology meets surface science", attracted so many audience in ICSS-10. We believe that the division activities will be important also in this respect.

To sponsor IUVSTA workshops is one of the important functions of the division. In the next triennium, we have the following workshops approved, discussed or proposed;

  1. "Dynamical phenomena related to electrons at surfaces" to be held in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan, in November, 2000, by Y. Murata, approved in the last SSD committee.
  2. "Gettering materials: principles and uses" jointly with VS and VM, discussed in the last SSD committee.
  3. "Application of medium energy ion scattering to surface analysis" jointly with AS in Korea or UK, proposed.
  4. "Electron holography of surface" in possibly Hong Kong by Klaus Heinz and David Tong, proposed
  5. "Gas-surface interactions in CVD and other fluid mechanics applications" jointly with VS, by A. Rebrov and M. Ivanov, proposed.


Respectfully submitted

SSD cochairs John Weaver and Akio Yoshimori