Surface Science Divisional Report for ECM-86

1) The third SSD meeting, scheduled during ECOSS-19 in Madrid, unfortunately
cancelled.  Instead, we are planning to have an internet meeting soon.

2) Approval of SSD Statutes is in progress and tried to complete in this internet meeting.

3) Three Workshops, 26th IUVSTA Workshop, Surface Holography and Other Direct Methods, Hong Kong, China, 15-18 August 2000, 28th IUVSTA Workshop, Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Composition and Structure with Atomic Layer Resolution, Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxford, 26-30 June 2000 and 32nd IUVSTA Workshop, on Gas-Surface Interaction St-Petersburg, Russia, 25-29 September 2000 have been successfully held and the final reports are supposed to show in their websites.  27th Workshop will be held as scheduled in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan, 27-30 January, 2000 < 2001/>

4) According to Klaus Wandelt, Chair of ECOSS Board, ECOSS-20 is scheduled in
Krakow, Poland in the beginning of September, 2001 and ECOSS-21, 22 are being
discussed with potential hosts.

Akio Yoshimori and John Weaver
Cochairs of SSDC