Minutes of the third SSD (internet) meeting (February, 2001)

1.  SSD Statutes
We have approved the proposed SSD statutes by 20 yes votes (unanimous).  To pass, we needed a two-thirds vote of the 28 members of the present SSD College (at least 19 votes).  Thank you for replying to our request to vote.

2. Updating Contact Details
We found a few e-mail addresses of members that are not valid any more.  For them, we will send the minutes by regular mail.  Changes in e-mail addresses should be reported immediately to the Secretary General, Bill Westwood  <WESTWOOD@istar.ca>.

3. ECOSS 20
ECOSS-20 will be held in Krakow, Poland from September 3-7, 2001.  Klaus Wandelt, Chair of ECOSS Board, is discussing ECOSS-21 and 22 with those who proposed to host those meetings.

4. ICSS 11
ICSS11 will be held in San Francisco from October 29 till November 2, 2001.  Plans for the meeting call for 17 sessions, including 4 combined sessions and posters.  There are now 21 invited speakers.  Please see the call for papers in the IUVSTA web site <http://www.iuvsta.org>.

Akio Yoshimori and John Weaver, Cochairs of SSDC