Minutes of the 4th SSD meeting in conjunction with ECOSS-20, Krakow, 6 September 2001

Present: Vladimir Matolin (Czech Republic), Jacques Jupille (France), Massimo Sancrotti (Italy), Jacek Szuber (Poland), J.H. Weaver (USA)

Invited attendees: Klaus Wandelt (ECOSS Board), Charles Campbell (Editor in Chief, Surface Science)

Agenda Items:

1. Report of new members of SSD College, new SSD Committee elected members

and its officers.

2. Report of the third (internet) SSD meeting including approval of improved SSD statutes and SSD related workshops.

3. Report of SSD related program of IVC-15, ICSS-11 and AVS-48 (see program and summary statistics below)

4. Report of future ECOSS.

5. Draft of SSD report in this triennium (its final report is shown also in this Divisional report part )

6. Proposal of new workshops in the beginning of the next triennium.

7. New items

The lunch meeting was convened by J.H. Weaver in the Cracovia Hotel, Krakow.

Following introductions around the table, Weaver thanked Marek Szymonski and his associates for outstanding work in organizing ECOSS-20 and arranging for a divisional meeting. (Unfortunately, Professor Szymonski was unable to attend due to a last minute conflict.)

Weaver presided over discussions of the agenda items given above and expanded upon below. He thanked outgoing members of the College and announced the results of the elections for the incoming officers. Formal transition will occur on Monday, November 4 at a divisional meeting in San Francisco.

Jacques Jupille urged that what have become traditional meetings of the SSD continue to be held at future ECOSS meetings. This will be conveyed to the incoming officers (Maki Kawai from Japan, Peter Varga from Austria, and Neal Shinn from USA).

Klaus Wandelt reported that ECOSS-21 would be held in Malmo, Sweden 24-28 June 2002, in conjunction with Nano-VII. Joint siting should increase the attraction of both meetings, and there should be an expanded range of topics. The meeting in 2003 will be in Prague in early September.

Weaver appealed for proposals for Workshops. Massimo Sancrotti reported that forms are being prepared so that proposals have a more standard appearance; they should be available on the web very soon. Weaver discussed a workshop that he and Ismat Shah will propose. The theme will be broad enough that other divisions would find it attractive, and it will be held in Pakistan in October 2002. (Pakistan will formally join IUVSTA at the General Meeting in San Francisco.)

Charlie Campbell discussed his vision for the journal Surface Science. He and Charlie Duke are coordinating the transition from the very effective management by Charlie Duke to a new office at the University of Washington. The SSD wished Charlie Campbell success as he becomes Editor in Chief. Klaus Wandelt continues to be regional editor for Europe.

The meeting was adjourned.

Statistics for IUVSTA 15th International Vacuum Congress with AVS 48th International Symposium and 11th International Conference on Solid Surfaces

TOTAL ABSTRACTS RECEIVED BY TOPIC (including invited papers):

Advancing Toward Sustainability (AT) - 12

Applied Surface Analysis (AS) - 102

Biomaterials (BI) - 124

Biomaterials Plenary - 5

Dielectrics (DI) - 80

Electrochemistry (EC) - 13

Electronics (EL) - 115

Magnetic Interfaces (MI) - 79

Magnetic Recording (MR) - 14

Manufacturing Science (MS) - 34

MEMS (MM) - 28

Nanometer Structures (NS) - 44

Nanotubes (NT) - 45

NB-NIST Centennial (NB) - 8

Organic Films (OF) - 60

Photonic Materials (PH) - 15

Plasma Science (PS) - 219

Processing at Nanoscale (PN) - 19

Semiconductors (SC) - (All papers in secondary SC sessions)

Surface Engineering (SE) - 51

Surface Science (SS) - 386

Thin Films (TF) - 157

Tribology (TR) - 41

Vacuum Technology (VT) 128

TOTAL ABSTRACTS: 1779 (Contributed: 1580; Invited: 199)

(2000 Total: 1439 - Contributed: 1255; Invited: 184)