Report on the IUVSTA Surface Science Division for the Triennium 1998-2001

Experimental and theoretical research on solid surfaces and interfaces, as well as gas-solid interactions, broadly define the scope of this division. Current emphasis is on electronic, ion, atom, and photon interactions with surfaces and on the structure, electronic properties, and dynamics of surface processes. The latter include surface reactions, diffusion, and catalysis. To be more specific, the following session topics are set for the 11th International Conference on Solid Surfaces, to be held in San Francisco 29 October 2 November 2001:

Adsorption at surfaces
Atmospheric adsorption/reactions on aerosols
Catalysis: mechanism and models
Correlated systems
Electronic Structure and excitations
Fundamentals of friction, tribology and adhesion
Fundamentals of oxide  surfaces and interfaces
Gas-solid dynamics
Nucleation and growth: atomistic concept
Photochemistry and stimulated processes
Quasaicrystal surfaces
Semiconductor growth
Semiconductor surface dynamics
Semiconductor surface structure
Surface and interface structures
Surface diffusion and atomic wetting processes
Surface reactions
Surface science opportunities and new applications
Technique innovations: experiments, theory and simulation
Water/surface interactions

The Division promotes the interest of Surface Science through the participation in the organization of International Conferences, the organization of IUVSTA Workshops, granting of IUVSTA sponsorship to International Meetings on Surface Science.

International Conferences:

The Eighteenth European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-18) was held in Vienna, Austria -- 21-24 September 1999.
The Nineteenth European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-19) was held in Madrid, Spain -- 5-8 September 2000.
The Twentieth European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS-20) was held in Krakow, Poland-- 4-7 September 2001.
The Eleventh International Conference on Solid Surfaces (ICSS-11) is held in San Francisco, United States -- 29 October-2 November 2001.

The ECOSS-conferences are organized on behalf of the European Physical Society and IUVSTA. The ICSS is part of the triennial congress of IUVSTA. The scientific program of ICSS is set up by an international program committee consisting of, usually, the surface science division committee and a number of surface scientists nominated by the host country but, this time, it is differently organized.

IUVSTA workshops:
Workshop 23:
Gettering Materials: Principles and Uses―Bonassola, Italy, 6-10 June 1999--organizers M. Sancrotti, U. Valbusa and L. Westerberg jointly with IUVSTA Vacuum Science and Vacuum Metallurgy Divisions
Workshop 25:
Gas-Surface Interactions: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and Reactivity―Leibnitz, Austria, 26-29 September, 1999--organizers F. Netzer, K. Rendulic and A. Winkler jointly with IUVSTA Applied Surface Science Divisions
Workshop 26:
Surface Holography and Other Direct Methods, Hong Kong, China, August, 2000--organizers K. Heinz, D. K. Saldin and S. Y. Tong
Workshop 27:
Dynamical Phenomena Related with Electrons at Surfaces, Kushiro, Japan, January, 2001--organizers Y. Murata, A. Okiji, K. Terakura and K. Fukutani
Workshop 28
Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Composition and Structure with Atomic Layer Resolution, Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxford 26th - 30th June 2000--organizers Paul Bailey, Dik Boerma, Torgny Gustafsson, Takanori Koshikawa, Dae Wan Moon, John O'Connor, Phil Woodruff.
Workshop 32:
Gas-Surface Interactions" St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 25-29 September, 2000, --organized by A.K. Rebrov

Sponsored meetings:
The Surface Science Division has sponsored four international meetings and workshops.

Committee meetings and contacts:
The Committee met in Birmingham, UK, 2 September 1998; Vienna, Austria, 21 September l999; by internet communication, February 2001; Krakow, Poland, September 2001; San Francisco, USA, 29 October 2001. All information was exchanged by electronic mail to allow participation of all members, also those not attending the meeting. Reports concerning conferences, workshops, and divisional meetings are available at the IUVSTA-WWW site.

Committee membership:
Jacques JUPILLE, France
Jurgen KIRSCHNER, Germany
Jihawa LEE, Korea
Anton G. NAUMOVETS, Ukraine
John O'CONNOR, Australia, secretary
Massimo SANCROTTI, Italy
Marek SZYMONSKI, Poland
Peter VARGA, Austria
John H. WEAVER, USA, cochair
Akio YOSHIMORI, Japan, cochair


In summary, the Surface Science Division proposed 6 IUVSTA workshops and they have been successfully organized. The Division approved changes in the SSD statutes by the internet meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Akio Yoshimori and John H. Weaver,
SSD co-chairs 1998-2001
26 October 2001.