Surface Science Division Workshops

Last updated 10 September 2002

The surface science division (co-)organizes the following workshops in the triennium 1998-2001:

  • Workshop 23:
    Gettering Materials: Principles and Uses—Bonassola, Italy, 6-10 June 1999
    --organizers M. Sancrotti, U. Valbusa and L. Westerberg
    jointly with IUVSTA Vacuum Science and Vacuum Metallurgy Divisions
  • Workshop 25:
    Gas-Surface Interactions: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and
    Reactivity—Leibnitz, Austria, 26-29 September, 1999
    --organizers F. Netzer, K. Rendulic and A. Winkler
    jointly with IUVSTA Applied Surface Science Division
  • Workshop 26:
    Surface Holography and Other Direct Methods, Hong Kong, China, August, 2000
    --organizers K. Heinz, D. K. Saldin and S. Y. Tong
  • Workshop 27:
    Dynamical Phenomena Related with Electrons at Surfaces, Kushiro, Japan, January, 2001
    --organizers Y. Murata, A. Okiji, K. Terakura and K. Fukutani
  • Workshop 28:
    Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Composition and Structure with Atomic Layer Resolution, Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxford
    26th - 30th June 2000
  • Workshop 32:
    Gas-Surface Interactions" St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 25-29 September, 2000, 
    --organized by A.K. Rebrov, contact: