Minutes of Thin Film Divisional Meeting

September 4, 1999 Cancun, Mexico




1.                  Opening and approval of the agenda.

2.                  Announcement of IPC nominees for IVC 15.

3.                  Announcement about website and request for suggestions.

4.                  Requests for highlights in the field.

5.                  Preliminary report on ICTF-11 (Cancun, 1999).

6.                  Report on ICTF-12 (Bratislava, 2002).

7.                  Presentation of ICTF-13 (2005).

8.                  New Business.

9.                  Adjournment.




J. W. Rogers, Jr., Marian Vesely, John Grant, Ciro Falcony, Massimo Sancrotti, and Roger De Gryse.


Item 1:  The meeting was opened by Rogers at 8:30 am and the agenda was approved.


Item 2:  The list of nominees for the International Program Committes (IPCs) which were submitted to Roger Stockbauer, the Program Chairman for IVC-15 are the following:


IPC Nominees (Thin Films):

Stanilav Kadlec (Czech Republic), Erich Bergmann (Switzerland), Xi Wang (PRC), R. Boxman (Israel), Dmitri Karpov (Russia), C. Y. Huang (Taiwan), S. Luby (Slovakia), Joseph A Stroscio (USA), Gert Erlich (USA), Ch. Eisenmenger-Sittner (Austria), B.T.Boyko (Ukraine), A. T. Pugachev (Ukraine), N. T. Gladkikh (Ukraine), Joe Greene (USA), P. Barna (Hungary), Peter Panjan (Slovenia), Bret Heinrich (Canada), John Chapman (Scotland), Miroslav Vlcek (Czech Republic), Jaroslav Vlcek (Czech Republic), Ivan Ostadal (Czech Republic), A. Vredenberg (Australia), Phil. Martin (Australia), E. Louis (Nederlands), Ulrich Heinzmann (Nederlands), Joost Frenken (Netherlands), and Roger Waepling (Sweden).


The nominees for the Thin Film ICP Chair are Roger Waepling from Sweden and Phil Martin from Australia.


Item 3:  Not discussed.


Item 4:  Not discussed.


Item 5:  ICTF-11, held August 30 – September 3, 1999 in Cancun, Mexico, was a resounding success.  There were over 200 participants of which 50-60% were from Mexico and about 80% of these were students.  All 20 invited speakers showed and four short courses were presented.  Attendance at the short courses ranged between 15 and 50.  The conference is projected to break even financially.


Item 6:  ICTF-12 will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia on September 1-6, 2002.  The conference will be hosted and organized by Slovak University of Technology, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and the Slovak Vacuum Society.  (email: ictf12@savba.sk; website: http://www.savba.sk/sav/inst/fyzi/ictf12)


Item 7:  ICTF-13 will be held in 2005.  It was suggested that it be hosted by the Swedish Vacuum Society and held at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm since they submitted a successful bid for ICTF-12 and were willing to host the meeting. 

It has been clarified by a message from Bill Westwood that the bylaws of the Thin Film Division do not restrict the number of venues for ICTF conferences to be chosen. So the thin film officers have decided to accept the bid from the Swedes to host ICTF-13 in 2005.


Item 8:  Massimo Sancrotti reported on the 3rd International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and IUVSTA Workshop on Thin Films: Physics and Technology which was held in Trieste, Italy in March 1999.  This was a three week Educational Workshop followed by a 3-day Technical Workshop and was attended by 70 participants.  Massimo will submit a full report on the workshop to ECM-84.


Item 9:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 am.



J. W. Rogers, Jr.                                                          H.Bangert