Vacuum Science and Technology Division

Liaison with Other Bodies


The Vacuum Science and Technology Division has Category A Liaison Status on ISO-TC 112 - the Technical Committee on Vacuum Technology of the International Standards Organisation.

The Committee is at present preparing Draft Standards on

  • Vacuum technology -- Bakable flanges -- Dimensions
  • Vacuum gauges - calibration by direct comparison with a reference gauge
  • Vacuum Technology - Calibration of Mass Spectrometer type gauges
  • Vacuum Technology - Methods of measurement of the performance of turbomolecular pumps
  • Vacuum Technology - Mass spectrometer type leak detectors - performance tests
  • Vacuum Technology - Roots pumps

It is hoped that in due course drafts for comment will be placed on these pages so that a wide audience may make an input.

Meantime anyone who might be interested in commenting as and when is invited to e-mail details of their interest