Union Internationale pour la Science, la Technique, et les Applications du Vide
International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications
Internationale Union für Vakuum Forschung, Technik, und Anwendung




A scholarship is offered each year to a promising scholar who wishes to study vacuum science, techniques or their application in any field. One scholarship is awarded to encourage international cooperation. The winner of the competition will spend a year in a research lab in another country.

Applicants must make arrangements for the proposed research program with a laboratory of their choice. The laboratory must be outside the applicant's native country. Strong preference will be given to applicants who propose to study in a foreign lab in which they have not yet studied. The research must be on a topic of vacuum science, technique or application. A form outlining the research program and signed by the supervisor in the laboratory where the research is to be carried out must be submitted with the application to indicate the agreement of the laboratory and the proposed supervisor. It is expected that the successful applicant will be encouraged to publish most of the results in scientific and technical journals.

Candidates for the scholarship should have at least a Bachelors degree; a Doctoral degree is preferred.

Conditions of the scholarship:

The scholarship is offered for a one-year period starting September 1. If, for some reason, the candidate cannot begin his/her work as scheduled, he/she can begin within three months after September 1. In the case of a delay of more than three months, another candidate may be chosen. The laboratory where the candidate wishes to work must approve any delay in the commencement of work.

The amount of the Scholarship will be approximately $15,000 U.S. The scholarship holder is encouraged to seek funds in addition to the scholarship; the host laboratory may be able to provide additional funds.

The scholarship money is paid in three installments -- one of $7,500 at the beginning, another of $7,000 six months after he/she has started work, and a third of $500 upon delivery of a final report after completion of work. A brief mid-term report is required before payment of the second installment.


Researchers who applied unsuccessfully for previous Welch Scholarships may apply again. Applications for renewal of the Scholarship are not accepted.


Application procedure:

Candidates should print and complete the application and send it by 15 April to: Dr. F.R. Shepherd, 3 Grierson Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K2W 1A6 Canada   e-mail: frank_shepherd@avs.org

Each candidate's application MUST include ALL of the following:

  • A completed application form, available from the Administrator or from http://www.iuvsta.org/welchapp.html
  • Name and address of laboratory chosen; a 200-word abstract describing the research he/she proposes to perform; and a letter indicating that the facilities of the host laboratory will be available. The appropriate form is available from the Administrator or from 
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A photocopy of, or attestation of, all diplomas.
  • A declaration that the candidate will not violate any laws of his/her own country during his/her tenure of scholarship.
  • A declaration that the candidate will not violate any laws or engage in any political activity in the country where he/she intends to work.
  • Two recommendations from present or past professors or research directors.

Applications submitted without ALL of the above cannot be considered.

Candidates will be informed of the results of their applications as soon as possible but probably before the beginning of August.

The successful candidate must produce satisfactory evidence (preferably in the form of examination certificates, etc.) of reasonable fluency either in the language of the country where he/she will work during the tenure of his/her scholarship or in English.

(Scientific Association—Registered Office—avenue de la Renaissance 30, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium).
President : Prof. Ugo Valbusa (Italy),  Secretary General : Dr. Ron Reid (GB),
Treasurer : Prof. John Grant (USA)