IUVSTA Workshops

Last updated 3 November 2006

The IUVSTA Workshop programme was established to provide a forum for intense scientific debate and discussion between a small number of experts in a focused scientific field which falls within the area of activity of the Scientific Divisions of IUVSTA. The purpose of the Workshop programme is scientific rather than educational. The format is intended to be rather similar to that of the US Gordon Conferences; specifically that they are informal, involve all delegates living together, typically in a relatively remote site (i.e. not in a large city), are small enough and long enough to ensure active debate (i.e. less than 100 delegates and typically 5 days duration). In order to guarantee the financial stability of such a meeting these meetings are supported by a contribution from the IUVSTA STD Discretionary Fund, currently to a maximum of 10,000 Swiss Francs. They are organized by one or more of the Scientific Divisions.

Guidelines for IUVSTA Workshops

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1989 :

  • 1st IUVSTA Workshop
    Structure and Reactivity of Small Molecules on Surfaces (Surface Science Division)
    Ofir, Portugal
    17-23 September 1989


1990 :

  • 2nd IUVSTA Workshop
    Nucleation and Microscopic Processes on Semiconductor Surfaces (Thin Films, Surface Science and Electronic Materials Divisions)
    Obertraun, Austria
    February 1990

  • 3rd IUVSTA Workshop
    Surface and Interface Characterisation with High Spatial Resolution (Applied Surface Science Division)
    York, UK.
    9-14 September 1990


1992 :

  • 4th IUVSTA Workshop
    Molecular Surface and Interface Analysis (Applied Surface Science Division)
    Munster, Germany.
    7-11 October 1992

  • 5th IUVSTA Workshop
    Polycrystalline Films: Structural Evolution and Structure/Property Relationships (Thin Films Division)
    Lake Balaton, Hungary
    5-9 October 1992

  • 6th IUVSTA Workshop
    Ultra-high Vacuum Measurements (Vacuum Science Division)
    Grange-over-Sands, UK
    7-9 October 1992


1993 :

  • 7th IUVSTA Workshop
    Low-Energy Ion Irradiation during Film Growth: Mechanisms and Kinetics (Thin Films Division)
    Kitzsteinhorn, Austria
    16-20 May 1993


1994 :

  • 8th IUVSTA Workshop
    Surface Science and Electrochemistry (Surface Science Division)
    San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
    12-16 September 1994


1995 :

  • 9th IUVSTA Workshop
    Wall Conditioning in Large UHV Devices (Vacuum Science and Plasma Science and Technique Divisions)
    Geneva area, Switzerland
    27 February - 3 March 1995

  • 10th IUVSTA Workshop
    Structure and Reactivity of Small Molecules on Surfaces (Surface Science Division)
    Brdo, Slovenia
    9-15 April 1995

  • 11th IUVSTA Workshop
    AES: From Physics to Data (Applied Surface Science Division)
    St-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, France
    1-5 May 1995

  • 12th IUVSTA Workshop
    Near-Surface Plasma Properties and Plasma-Surface Interaction Effects (Plasma Science & Technique and Electronic Materials & Processing Divisions)
    Atami, Japan
    19-22 Sept 1995


1996 :

  • 13th IUVSTA Workshop
    Lasers in Surface Science and Thin Films (Surface Science and Thin Film Divisions)
    May 1996

  • 14th IUVSTA Workshop
    Nanoscale Modification of Surfaces and Thin Films: Physical and Chemical Aspects (Thin Films and Applied Surface Science Divisions)
    Lake Balaton, Hungary
    16-19 September 1996

  • 15th IUVSTA Workshop
    Quality Control for Vacuum (Vacuum Science Division)
    Segovia, Spain
    16-19 September 1996


1997 :

  • 16th IUVSTA Workshop
    "Outgassing properties of materials: The kinetics and thermodynamics of adsorption, desorption and passivation" (Vacuum Science and Surface Science Divisions)
    Gräftåvallen, Sweden
    6-10 April 1997

  • 17th IUVSTA Workshop
    "Growth and processing of GaN and related materials for photonic and electronic application" (Electronic Material and Processing Division)
    August 1997

  • 18th IUVSTA Workshop
    "Diffusion and growth in ultrathin surface films" (Surface Science Division)
    Newcastle, Australia
    17-21 November 1997

  • 19th IUVSTA Workshop
    "Surface Chemistry on the Nanoscopic Scale" (Surface Science Division)
    Leiden, The Netherlands
    10-12 September 1997


1998 :

  • 20th IUVSTA Workshop
    "Terahertz Technology"

  • 21st IUVSTA Workshop
    "Hydrogen Recycle at the First Wall of Magnetic Fusion Research Devices"
    University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    26-28 October 1998


1999 :

  • 22nd IUVSTA Workshop
    "X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: from Physics to Data"
    Hortobágy, Hungary
    26-30 April 1999
  • 23rd IUVSTA Workshop
    "Gettering Materials: Principles and Uses"
    Bonassola, Italy
    5-10 June 1999

  • 24th IUVSTA Workshop
    Superlattice and Microstructure
    Cancun, Mexico
    August 1999

  • 25th IUVSTA Workshop
    Gas-Surface Interactions: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and Reactivity
    Leibnitz, Austria
    26-29 September 1999
    jointly with IUVSTA Applied Surface Science Division


2000 :

  • 28th IUVSTA Workshop
    Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Composition and Structure with
    Atomic Layer Resolution, Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxford, U.K.
    26th - 30th June 2000

  • 29th IUVSTA Workshop
    Selective and Functional Film Deposition Technologies for ULSI
    Mie, Japan.
    19-23 November 2000

  • 30th IUVSTA Workshop
    Scanning Probe Spectroscopy
    Hamburg, Germany.
    19-22 July 2000

  • 31st IUVSTA Workshop
    See also under 2001
    Stratford, England

  • 32nd IUVSTA Workshop
    on Gas-Surface Interaction
    St-Petersburg, Russia
    25-29 September 2000


2001 :

  • 27th IUVSTA Workshop
    Dynamical Phenomena Related with Electrons at Surfaces, Kushiro, Japan, January, 2001
  • 31st IUVSTA Workshop
    Nanoparticles, Stratford-on-Avon, England
    10-14 July 2001

  • 33rd IUVSTA Workshop
    Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon: Science and Applications
    Aguas de Lindoia, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
    12-16 November 2001.


2002 :

  • 34th IUVSTA Workshop
    XPS: From Spectra to Results-Towards an Expert System
    Saint-Malo, France
    21-26 April 2002. 

  • 35th IUVSTA Workshop      (Surface Science Division)
    Pattern Formation and Atomic Processes in Epitaxial Growth and Ion Erosion
    Seminarhotel "Schelch", Trofaiach, Austria
    9-13 June 2002

  • 36th IUVSTA Workshop     (Thin Film/Vacuum Metallurgy Divisions)
    "Mechanisms of Formation and Applications of Hard Nanocomposite Coatings"
    Plzen, Czech Republic
    19-23 October 2002
    contact: J.Colligon@mmu.ac.uk


2003 :


2004 :


2005 :

  • 44th IUVSTA Workshop 
  • See 2007


    2006 :


    • 48th IUVSTA Workshop    (Thin Film Division and Surface Engineering Division)
      “Influence of Trace Elements on the Nucleation and Growth of Thin Films”
      Budapest, Hungary August 26-31, 2006
      Organizers : Prof. Péter B. Barna, Hungary; Prof. Roger De Gryse, Belgium; Prof. György Radnóczi, Hungary
      Contact : Prof. Péter B. Barna (barnap@mfa.kfki.hu)
      Web : http://conferences.mfa.kfki.hu/iuvsta48/



    2007 :


    • 47th IUVSTA Workshop   (Applied Surface Science Division)
      “Angle-Resolved XPS: The Current Status and Future Prospects for Angle-resolved XPS of Nano and Subnano Films”
      Riviera Maya, Mexico
      26-30 March 2007
      Organizers: Alberto Herrera (CINVESTAV, Mexico and UT-Dallas, USA); John T. Grant (University of Dayton, USA); Monika Jenko (Institute of Metals and Technology, Slovenia); Peter Cumpson (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
      Contact: MONIKA.JENKO@imt.si
      Web: http://www.smcsyv.org.mx/arxps/

    • 44th IUVSTA Workshop   (Applied Surface Science Division)
      "Sputtering And Ion Emission By Cluster Ion Beams"
      Barony Castle, Scotland, UK
      23-27 April 2007
      Organizers: Dr I S Gilmore National Physical Laboratory, UK.; Dr G Gillen, USA; Prof Peter Sigmund, Denmark; Prof J C Vickerman, UK
      Contact: Ian Gilmore Tel: +44 (0)20  8943 6922 Fax: +44 (0)20  8943 6453
    " Workshop on Modern Problems and Capability of Vacuum Gas Dynamic "
    Djurönäset, Värmdö Sweden
    July 9-11 2007
    Organisers: Oleg Malyshev, ASTeC, CCLRC Daersbury Lab, UK
    Contact persons: Oleg Malyshev
    Web : http://www.vgd07.dl.ac.uk/
    • 52nd IUVSTA Workshop    (Applied Surface Science Division and Thin Film Division.)
    "Structure and Dynamics of Free Clusters and Nanoparticles Using Short Wavelength Radiation"
    July23-27 2007
    Contact persons:
    Web :