IUVSTA Scientific and Technical Directorate

GM-14 report


Scientific Director Ugo Valbusa

Scientific Secretary Massimo Sancrotti


IUVSTA Workshops

The STD discussed and approved the following workshops, which have been held during this triennium. Some of them have been funded and they will be held in the beginning of the next triennium (initials indicate sponsoring Divisions). Each workshop received 10,000 CHF.


25th IUVSTA Workshop Gas-Surface Interactions: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and Reactivity, Leibnitz, Austria, September 1999 (SS and ASS);

26th IUVSTA Workshop Surface Holography and Other Direct Methods, August 2000, Hong Kong, China (SS);

27th IUVSTA Workshop Dynamical Phenomena Related with Electrons at Surfaces, January 2001, Kushiro, Japan, (SS);

28th IUVSTA Workshop Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Composition and Structure with Atomic Layer Resolution, June 2000, Cosenerís House, Abingdon, Oxford, (SS, ASS);

29th IUVSTA Workshop Selective and Functional Film Deposition Technologies for ULSI, November 2000, Mie, Japan (EM);

30th IUVSTA Workshop Scanning Probe Spectroscopy, July 2000, Hamburg, Germany (NS);

31st IUVSTA Workshop Nanoparticles, July 2001, Stratford-on-Avon, England (NS);

32nd IUVSTA Workshop on Gas-Surface Interaction, September 2000, St-Petersburg, Russia (SS, VS);

33rd IUVSTA Workshop Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon: Science and Applications, November 2001, Aguas de Lindoia, Sao Paulo State, Brazil (EM);

34th IUVSTA Workshop XPS: From Spectra to Results-Towards an Expert System, April 2002, Saint-Malo, France (ASS).


IUVSTA Schools

The STD worked to prepare guidelines for IUVSTA Schools. During this triennium the 4th IUVSTA School on "Quantum Devices and Nanostructures" was held in July 1999 in Cortona, Italy, sponsored by EM and NS Divisions.


Highlight Seminars

The Highlight Seminars meeting, devoted to highlights the scientific achievements obtained in the areas covered by the IUVSTA Divisions, was held on Friday, March 31st 2000 in Namur in conjunction with the ECM 85. Topics and speakers are hereafter reported.

Applied Surface Science

John T. Grant, Research Institute, University of Dayton, USA Databases and Dataprocessing for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Electronic Materials

R.B. Jackman, U.K. The Emergence of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Nanometer Structures

R. Wiesendanger, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany. Magnetic Nanostructures probed by Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling

Plasma Science and Techniques

J. Caughman, RF/Plasma Technology Section, Fusion Energy Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A. Recent Progress in the Applications of Plasma Science and Technology

Surface Science

AkioYoshimori, Okayama University of Science, Japan Surface Science-Structures, Dynamics and Microscopies with Atomic Resolution

Thin Films

Jan Verhoeven, FOM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Layer Growth at Nano-scale

Vacuum Metallurgy

Allan Matthews, The Research Center in Surface Engineering, University of Hull, U.K. Developments in Vacuum-deposited Tribological Coatings

Vacuum Science

F. Mazzolini, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy. Emerging Applications of Vacuum Technology


Web pages

A template was prepared by M.Sancrotti, L.Westerberg and John Grant in order to make Division web pages uniform and conformal. The template was circulated among the Divisions.


Report on IVC-15/ICSS-11

The STD was continously informed about the progresses in the organization of the IVC-15 by the Congress Chairman (B.Rogers) and by the Chairmen of the Divisions


Division Membership

The Secretary of STD, Prof Sancrotti, prepared the nominations for the Divisional members for the next triennium.