No. 156, July - December 2004

IUVSTA Divisions and Committee Chairs 2004 - 2007


Division Chairs

Division Chair
Applied Surface Science Monika Jenko
Electronic Materials and Properties Gary McGuire
Nanometer Structures Hans Joachim Güntherodt
Plasma Science and Technology David Ruzic
Surface Engineering William D. Sproul
Surface Science Neal D. Shinn
Thin Film Roger de Gryse
Vacuum Science and Technology Neil T. Peacock


Committee Chairs

Committee Chair/Vice-chair Secretary/Administrator
Awards and Scholarships Dr. Masatoshi Ono/Prof. J. E. Greene Prof. F. R. Shepherd
Congress Planning Prof. M. Sancrotti Prof. L. Westerberg
Education Dr. László Kövér Dr. D. E. Sykes
Finance Dr. John T. Grant   
Long Range Planning Dr. J. William Rogers  
Publications Dr. Alain A. Roche  Dr. Robert Redhammer
Statutes Dr. Ron Reid Prof . R. de Gryse
European Representative Prof. Marek Szymoński/
Prof. Dr. Matthias Wuttig